We all are aware of the fact that majority of the world’s websites are powered by Word Press, nearly 30% of them, which shows how dynamic and easy-to-use Word Press websites are. With its tons of features and tools it’s very comprehensive website software.

Still even after so many tools and features Word Press still have many holes to be filled. Luckily Word Press brings with itself the ability to expand the functionality of the website as it comes with a huge plug-in directory. Plug-in allow non developers to easily build their website without making any tweaks to the coding. All you have to do is choose the right options for your website, however from 1000+ options which include all the premium products it can get a little confusing as to what plug-in are ideal for your website.

To make you understand better about the plug-in we are going to list some which will give you the knowledge to pick the right plug-in for your website. We will include every type of plug-in option which will help you with the cache, optimization and other small fixes.

SEO Yoast

SEO yoast is a Word Press plug-in used for technical optimization of your website’s content. With this plug-in you can change the content, Meta title and description without having to look into the coding part. It makes all the updating of the content very easy.

Google Analytics

It is also necessary for you to know about the details of daily traffic on your website. How many people are coming on your website from different regions and from what sources? Google analytics allows you to keep tabs on your website traffic, it also allows you to set goals which will in turn help you with your marketing decisions, tactical decisions and provide you with important information regarding your website users.


Your website speed matters most for your users and also for Google. It is highly recommended by Google that your website should load inside 3 seconds. It is so that visitors shouldn’t have to wait for the loading of your website. If pages take too much time to load most users will leave even without looking at your website properly. This will force Google to drop your ranking

To tackle this issue it is important to carry out caching process of your website to speed it up. This is where hummingbird plugin comes in and help you out with the process. It will scan your website and give you little details about fixes which can solve the speed issue. With a complete analysis of your website you will be more than able to fix it, you can effectively improve your website.


When every business and transaction is going online so are the criminals. Do you know if your business is online then there is a 20% chance of your website or online transaction being hacked or sensitive information being stolen? It is important to identify any loopholes which can be taken advantage of by cyber criminals.

To help you fix these loopholes and vulnerabilities you need Defender plugin. Defender will help you find these hidden issues and point you how to fix these issues.


These should comprise of your favorite plug-in for your website. Choose the best plug-in and create a successful website.



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