Your website is the face of your business in the digital world and it is imperative to keep it up and running. With every business in the world and Pakistan going online, the fight for internet market has never been so fierce. Every business is scrambling to take over their business industry through the internet.

In order to stay ahead of the competition and generate more revenue on income every year you are required to keep your website up to date and running. It’s is just like a car, if you won’t look after it will get old and worn out and nobody will be interested in it. Constant maintenance and update is required to keep your website on top so you can top your competition and get more website traffic.

I have listed number of ways which will help you keep your website on top and running.


Keep you website software up to date

You probably would be using website building softwares such wordpress and shopify who will require constant updates now and then. WordPress and shopify will automatically update but sometimes it will require manual update as it may need some direction.

Make your website responsive and fast

It is important that your website is responsive on all devices such as mobiles and tablets. Google has now made mobile first indexing operational which means your mobile version is more important than your desktop version. Get your website boosted to run faster and responsive on mobile devices.

Updating your content

Your website content needs constant update for many reasons. Firstly Google wants owner of website to consistently update the content of their website on order to provide users with variety of information which is complete. Secondly your customers who visit you often will also want a change of scenery which means they will want to know what new you have to offer, how is your product or service evolving, is it benefitting them? If yes so how? These are some reasons for updating content of your website. It will keep your website traffic running and keep you on top of your business industry.

Get your website optimized for search engines

Search engine optimization is very important. Even if you have already done SEO if your website in the past it won’t matter much as the search engines are updating very quickly and their requirements are changing for optimization.

You need to hire a professional SEO expert or agency who are aware of all the latest updates and techniques to keep your website on top of search engines. They will help you with identifying if any issues have surfaced regarding your website structure, what updates needs to be done.

Fix links to your website

There will be some links which would have been working fine in the past but now due to updates or the other website going down your links get broken. It is imperative that every link goes exactly to the right place.

Fix your links otherwise it will show that you are unprofessional or your website is not updated which will give the impression that your services and products are also obsolete.


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