Best Mobile App Development Tech and Trends in Pakistan2019 will be the year of future of mobile app development in Pakistan. The mindset of developers is continuously evolving and upgrading and they are now using the modern approach of mobile app tech and development. Developers today are keeping the current trends in practice as well as bringing in new innovations by adding technical features and new inventions. In the world of technology, it’s the user’s experience that brings innovations and new ideas that meet demands. Developers are determined to providing more effective and highly interactive ways to engage more and more users.

Smarter Way of Doing Things

The mobile and internet applications were once known as a buzzword, but today it is expanding in almost all sectors of work. People have started to rely on internet of things for their businesses which is why all the tech creators and developers are working tirelessly to create and provide automation that we haven’t even anticipated as of yet. Lately, mobile app technologies have found their place in the retail industry, which is using this method intensely to ease its work and get further in the digital age.

Similarly, the real estate industry has made smart cities and parking lots with sensors. Restaurants and food businesses are taking help of mobile apps to cater to a larger audience. The system is rapidly taking over all the sectors that include educational institutes, automobiles, healthcare, and more.

Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in App Development

The use of Artificial Intelligence is enlarging because of the positive feedback of users. The age old theory of robots replacing humans is now coming to reality. This can be seen in various departments including customer service. Organizations have rapidly started to adopt Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to increase their productivity and also reduce their operational expenses.

Cloud Based Web Application in Mobile Apps

In today’s era when there is an immense amount of data, storing and retrieving crucial data has become very important. Today, all mobiles offer cloud management services to secure and store the important information. The latest mobile phones offer excessive amounts of storage but no matter how much memory space they offer, it is limited and data can never be limited to that space.

This problem can be dealt with the access to cloud storage. The user can now save all the data and information in a cloud server and easily access it at any place and time. This also helps in areas with security concerns as in cases of mobile loss, all the data can be retrieved by accessing your account in any other device.

Wearable Technological Advancement

Wearable technology comes in many forms and has been widely adopted since its advent. Wearable has brought great results. There are quite a few wearable gadgets, all made for different purposes, such as the most common used for measuring health and fitness. These gadgets keep a constant check on your diet, heartbeat and a record of exercise.

Android watches are also a prime example of wearable technologies. Apple and Android developers are competing with each other in creating unique and effective wearable gadgets to provide more comfort and better results to users and this trend will definitely grow in 2019.

Augmented and Virtual Reality Practices in Mobile App Development

The Augmented reality concept has gained a lot of attention in the modern days. The developers are constantly making innovations and bringing in modifications in augmented reality. Mobile Apps like Pokemon Go, WALLAME, Ink Hunter, Mondly are all examples of Augmented reality. Other than that Google translate also uses the same concept. Snapchat uses augmented reality concept of reading the users’ interests, movements and all other relevant data and providing interactive results. In 2019, applications on similar technology will be made and Virtual reality is also expected to boom, which will help raise the use of wearable mobile applications.

Mobile Wallets to Aid Online Usage

The advent of Mobile Wallet technology has made online purchasing much easier. It has also aided in spending money and has protected it. The online purchasing and online booking systems, all use this technology.


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