When it comes to graphic designing, logo designing in Pakistan and web designing 2018 has produced some of the best and trendiest designs ever made. In the ever growing industry of designing we have seen so many new techniques and methods being introduced while some old ones making a big comeback. Like they say new is never complete without the old, this is very true for graphic designing.

So as we are talking about the trends in designing and old and new methods let us take a look at all the new and old methods and trends in graphic designing which will be most used by designers in 2019 in Pakistan. Here goes


It is fair to start with probably the most used tool for graphic designing in today’s industries. Animations nowadays usually come in the form of graphics interchange format or simply put GIFs. In animation designers use tiny animations to make illustrations and short videos to connect with the target audience and keep them engaged. Animations are a great way communicate with the users and convey your message to them and for the very reason most organizations use this as a tool in logos newsletter and icons to make the very simple things interesting for the users.


Color transitions or simply gradients are mostly used headings, buttons and presentations. It is an old technique which has become quite popular once again. In these modern times apps such as Instagram use gradient for illustrations, overlays, backgrounds and user interface.

Detailed Vintage Design

A fairly old trend which is still going strong in 2018 to 2019. Brands looking for a top-quality look approach for classic designs for more detail and refinement. Vintage gives more aesthetics to the design gives a more beautiful hand crafted look. You will mostly find food and beverages industries using this trend, mixing it with the modern design techniques to give more handsome and stunning yet simpler results.

Authentic Photography

Authentic photography is simply the demand for real photography which shows and gives a feel of realness. It’s so refreshing to see natural and more actual compositions combing to the fore once again. The demand for authentic photography has increased in 2018 and will keep on increasing, so when working on real images, custom or stock, make sure they convey stories and activity. Natural and unfiltered photography has its own beauty and uniqueness to it.

Bold Typography

In these modern times the bigger and bolder the font the better. More and more designers are going for extra-large fonts and headlines sizes nowadays. With the Helvetica-inspired san serifs bold and big have become a trademark of modern designs.

Bold typography has provided new designs more strength and innovation also allowing for engaging ads and posts social media and mobile devices. Brands such as Nike and Adidas have been known to using such trends.

Confident Duotones

Duotones are designed by printing one halftone onto another halftone of contrasting colors which creates two-toned picture. It produces a very elegant and beautiful design which is very pleasing to the eye. With modern techniques and methods the making of duotones has become much simpler than before. You will find Spotify using duotones to create stunning images for their brand and app. With the use of all the hottest color tones duotone is very quickly becoming the most in demand trend of 2019

The designing world is about to become a lot more interesting with all the all the latest trends mixing with a host of old ones. It is quite clearly a very exciting time in graphic designing. So get creative in this new year of 2019

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