PPC provides for a quick and immediate method to drive more traffic for your website unlike SEO which usually takes months, but unlike SEO PPC is a more costly method.

So there are many techniques to use PPC to get the best results possible.

One important factor is amassing traffic for your website but it should not be the only way. What you have on your hand is your Click-Through-Rate (CTR) which gives a better insight of how your campaign is panning out. It has been a popular practice of the advertisers to campaign on high paying keywords to generate a healthy CTR and produce a good amount of traffic. More traffic brings more chances of conversions and more conversions bring business.

With the ever changing strategies in the online marketing world it is important for the campaigners and marketers to adopt unique strategies in order to harness a healthy amount of conversions. Every day you will see that search engines update their algorithms and bring in new guidelines which make it crucial to hire an expert or have a dedicated department for PPC. Many small businesses outsource their marketing work to agencies that carry out their campaigns.

In the end the goal is to generate more CTR. That is why we have made a list of useful tips to get the best results through your campaign.


Give Customers Discounts

This is very important according to recent studies and recent practices by agencies. The goal is to attract the customers and if you are going to list prices of your services and products in your ad you are telling the potential customers that they will have to pay to get something they want. Instead mention in your ads that you are offering discounts on your products or services which will make the customers think that rather than spending they will be saving. This makes a huge difference with regards to your CTR.


Make Your Ads Mobile Responsive

The worlds is evolving in every way and from computers and laptops majority of the population have moved to using mobiles for anything and everything they want online. Even Google has made it compulsory for websites to be mobile responsive on order to get ranked. This means a lot of users are now on mobile devices rather than on desktop so in order to get the most users you need to target the denser market.


Add Free In Your Ad

Using the word “free” in your ad will catch more eyes than anything else. Recent studies suggest that adding free or cut price deals or discounts bring more CTR than usual. What you should do is add something complementary in the service for free. It doesn’t have to be something big it can be anything small for example with a tool kit you can add a pair of gloves for free.


Keep A Lookout For Your Rivals

It is a widely used strategy to keep an eye out for what your rivals are doing in their ad campaigns. You may find something new and also have an idea how to design a better ad for your website. p


Keep changing

And lastly you should know that anything repetitive get boring and that is the case with your ads too. Similar ads every time will bore the audience so keep changing the ads according to the requirements of you target audience. Use Quora to get an idea of what your users want and create new and engaging ads.



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