Every other day you will find new SEO techniques to improve your ranking and the quicker you apply those techniques the better your results will be and faster. But with the incoming new updates you will find that old techniques getting obsolete. Even techniques as old as yesterday will no longer solve your problems. So it is safe to say that when it comes to SEO the trends keep on changing day to day. Which brings us to the fact that it is very important to keep updated of the new trends and techniques

Keep up with your research regarding SEO as it will not only help you learn about the new updates but you will be aware of the all the old hacks which can get you penalized. Once you are penalized you will see your website going down the SERPs and your competition going past you.

To help you understand how to keep your SEO going we have listed the new and some constant techniques for you to use and rank yourself or your client’s website on the top because that is the goal isn’t it? To rank highest on Google.



The most important part of SEO is to please the user experience. You have to make your website such that that user not only visit it but stay on it for a longer period and come again. Users leaving your website due to lack of relevant stuff or there is no quality you will see Google drag your website down in the rankings. Believe me Google have all the algorithms to know about your website’s user experience.

That is why it is important to understand the needs of the users. To understand the needs of the user you should head to online forums and see what are the most recent and most frequently asked question regarding the service or product you have on your website to offer

Once you reach a complete understanding of the user requirement you will have a better understanding of how to construct your website better.

Some points for you to better user experience

  • Write easy-to-read posts
  • Site speed is very important.
  • Page designs are important for users, work on them


What you need to do is optimize your website according to the new trends which are becoming common amongst the user. One thing which is known to most is the mobile responsiveness of website as Google has identified mobile responsiveness as a ranking factor.

Now like this another feature which is getting popular amongst the users is voice search. It may not be a ranking factor or an important ranking factor but after a few days it will become. People have started using voice search more and more every day. So apply this feature in your website, it will help you a long way.



Larger content means more information, but writing a longer content and making it entertaining is an art itself. Make sure your content is long enough to have the relevant information and it does not bore the audience.

Try to add some humor related to the service or product to keep the user engaged, use infographics and explain them further. This allows the user to understand better what you are trying to tell them.

Sometimes you will feel you don’t know enough to write something near 1000 words, so go short at that time. With time you will find new information with more research so update the content. This will increase the word count, increase the information and also it will mean that you updated your content which is also a very important factor.


Take your website and business into the world of social media. It is the perfect place to market your website. Use facebook to target your audience alongside Instagram. Find social influencers and have them read your blogs regarding your services. Once they are entertained by your content they will probably share it among their fans and mind you they have a huge fan following

Secondly optimize your website through youtube. Make videos short and long and marry them to create great ripple for your website marketing. Make sure your videos are SEO friendly with a catching title, short and interesting description and an engaging video, don’t forget to add humor to it. Also make longer videos for detailed information and tutorials for your users


It is important to keep up with the research of SEO as it is ever changing. The more information you have the more edge you have on your competition. Go slow but keep going and one day you will find yourself on the top.



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