There was a time when keywords and backlinks were the go to SEO strategies which guaranteed instant success on search engines. But in 2019 Google has updated itself which means only keywords and backlinks guarantee not so much success as Google has a whole new set of requirements for SEO, we need to care much about the various Important On-Page Elements for Effective SEO In 2019


Google has been updating its algorithm for a long time now and it is really difficult to put your finger on exactly what trend will remain. It is important to constantly keep yourself updated on Google’s updates because every new trend will get old in a blink of an eye. To better understand Google you have to keep watch on what the world is doing online and what is the latest fad and what is the latest snazzy nowadays, that is the best you can do

Still there are going to be some trends which can be classified as current and a must in your SEO strategy. Below I am going to list some the latest SEO trends and technique to help you out.


SEO for “User Intent”

One of the things Google focuses now is the fulfillment of the user surfing the internet. Back in the days people just used to stuff keywords in their content to get their website optimized on search engines having complete disregard for what the user wants.

Not anymore as Google wants you to focus on satisfying the user rather than bombarding your pages with keywords. Your website content should be written to satisfy user intent, provide them with reasonable information which helps them on the internet. There is a saying that Google only loves you when you love the user first.


Optimize for mobiles

With continuous updates in technology people are inclined towards portability, they want to carry the internet everywhere they go with ease, simply stating that users are now searching everything on their mobiles rather than on laptops or PCs.

This is why Google has made it mandatory for website owners to make their websites completely responsive on mobile devices otherwise Google is going to disregard you. Mobile responsiveness for a website is more than necessary to get ranked on top of SERPs so make sure you allow users to carry your website wherever they want.


Voice search optimization

This is certain to take SEO to the next level in the next few years. People are going to use voice searches instead of writing long queries in the search bar to find solutions, they have already started doing that.

This is where keywords and long content will take a huge blow. If you are working on your web content and keywords then be the first ones to optimize your websites for voice searches also otherwise you may have to start all over again.


Optimize for local searches

With the increased usage of mobile phones people are more inclined towards searching things near to them as mobiles have made location bitcoin mixers based searches very easy. Whatever the user is doing you have got to follow them, if they find your website easier to find and surf then you are an instant success.

Even now Google has allowed users to ask questions to business owners through a feature on Google Map. So make sure to locally optimize your site.


Artificial intelligence

Google is moving forward at lightning speed and you have to do everything to keep up with them as Google has already introduced artificial intelligence to its algorithm with hummingbird and RankBrain being very important ranking factors. RankBrain is basically a part of hummingbird where this system provides the most relevant information for search queries. It is still unclear as to what this will actually bring in the coming days but what is clear that you must stay in touch with Google always to stay ahead.


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