What is a web solution & service and what does it offer?


Technically a web solution service is a program distributed over a network (typically a corporate intranet or the Internet the same platform) and accessible through a common web browser.

Examples range from the company website, the thematic portals, platforms for e-commerce, the ERP.

The realization of a web solution & services offers many advantages:

  • is available everywhere (in the case is hosted on the Internet) via a web browser;
  • no need to install anything: web browsers are natively installed on all computers and smartphones;
  • is easily upgradable: updating the Web Solution all users immediately benefit from the new features;
  • lower demand for resources: the computing power required is given by the power of the server where the application resides;
  • Generally the Web Solution also integrates other ambient such as Mobile.

How we build Web Solution

After the necessary phase of information gathering and analysis of requirements, we move to the design criteria of modularity and robustness of the code.In other words, we structure the software so that it is scalable (i.e. it has a chance to grow with the growth of the business without having to readjust again):

  • We use frameworks and programming languages, preferably with an Open Source license, and provide long-term support, to ensure the safety and stability of the code.
  • We test our applications thoroughly before the final release, and we continue to monitor our projects continuously even after putting them online.
  • We help the customer in selecting the best provider to host their web solution or we support in implementing its corporate intranet.
  • Finally, we provide support services and maintenance of Web Solution.

Web solution in practice: some examples

  • Personal websites
  • Corporate websites
  • solutions for e-commerce
  • Social network (thematic and generalist)
  • Business management
  • Vertical solution specific to your business

Our offer

Every web solution is world special and unique: it is a solution built exactly on the needs of the customer. For this, the only way we proceed is to gather requirements talks with customer meetings, and after a feasibility analysis, we determine whether to proceed with a commercial offer or not.

Do not ever let the customer alone after the delivery of our work: this is why we offer a beneficial service package software with which we are committed to following the web solution in its evolution and its optimization during his life.

Account4Web Solution

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