WordPress Plugins in Pakistan

WordPress in Pakistan is basically a content management system (CMS). It is based on the open-source language of PHP and the database foundation of MySQL. This platform is popular for blogging but you can play around and do much more with it. It provides more functionality with plugins.

Another simple term for plugins is extensions or enhancements. Plugins can be free or paid tools that can be integrated into your WordPress platform. These function to protect your website from spam, add a contact form to your website or import the comments and posts from your social media sites. Plugins can also be custom written for your website by a WordPress developer.


WordPress Themes

There is yet another aspect of WordPress that you ought to know.  Themes control all of the design elements of your website. So basically, everything from fonts, colours, styling, and page layout are controlled by the theme of your WordPress platform.

If you are all for learning design, then you need to learn about the WordPress themes and how these function!

These themes are just like templates — you may install a new theme and activate it and the entire visual and feel of your website changes instantly. Owing to the popularity of WordPress, you’ll find that a lot many themes have been developed and released for use. Like plugins, most are free while others are paid.

The best ones allow you the flexibility to customize them and make them your own. For example, Hestia is a powerful, flexible theme that’ll let you make it your own. Other themes behave more like frameworks or web builders.

What is WordPress theme customization?

Every WordPress theme needs updates to match the website with clients’ brand identity. These updates could be changes to the website layout, color scheme, widgets, or new pages. This tweaking into the original WordPress theme is called theme customization.


What is the cost of a WordPress website in Pakistan?

Depending upon your WordPress developer experience, the cost of 7 to 15 pages of WordPress website in Pakistan could go around 9000 to 40000 Pakistani rupees. However, the price of a more advanced WordPress website could go up from 70000 to up to 200000 Pakistani rupees.