Content writing and blogs are a very important part of SEO as every content and blogs is designed to help drive more traffic to their website. SEO content writing and blogging is an art which needs to be mastered.

Great content writing is an easy and affordable way of introducing your brand to your target audience but there are certain aspects of SEO based content writing and blogging which needs to be looked at.

It is not just about perfect grammar and using great vocabulary in your content. When it comes to SEO you have to research and get it right.

Below I am going to list down 5 important ways you need to adopt to become a professional content writer


Work on your keyword research and application

The first thing you need to get right before you start a content for any website is the keyword research. Keyword research has changed since Google has updated itself, all you have to do is find the search queries which are being used by the users on internet regarding the service or product you are writing your content on.

List down the keywords, single or long-tailed, and use them accordingly in your content. Your keyword application should be such that it fits in the content without giving the impression that it is used as a keyword, make it natural.

Keep track of the keywords you have used and see where the website is ranking on those keywords.

There are certain tricks to rank on those keywords quickly as you can use them keywords in the title of your content, in the first 400 words of your content and in the meta titles and description to get the attention of the Google crawler.


Provide information to the users

Your content should not be about keywords as too much usage of keywords will only penalize your content. Whatever you write should be written to provide the right and relevant information to the users. Your content is only worth to Google if it is fulfilling the intent of the user.

If you are writing for your own business then you know all the ins and outs and you would be aware of what the consumers would want from your service so use that to your benefit and create the most relevant and informative content for your consumers. And if you are writing for someone else then research about their products and services, go to online communities and take help from people involved in those business activities.


Make your content long but engaging

Nothing has ever been achieved by writing a short content whatever content you are writing make sure it is long enough to be counted by Google. Google only considers fairly long written content as 99% of times that content will contain more information for the user, a content of 800-1000 words is ideal.

Secondly you have to make sure your content is not dull and flat, you cannot write a 1000 word essay and expect people to enjoy it NO, include statistics in your content as many user would like to know the facts about the services and products, include images, GIFs and videos in your content as explaining tools. This helps user to understand what you are saying easily and helps you with the online traffic part.


Keep updating your content

Yes, if you thought that writing once will do the trick then think again. Google requires website owners to keep their content updated every time. It is not about changing without reason but it is about giving something new to the user telling them about the improvements in your services or products.

Consistent update of content gives the impression that the owner is active and is working well to give the best services to its consumers. Once the consumers are satisfied so is Google.


Take your time, do not give up

By now you must have realized that SEO based content writing is not easy it will take time to get used to. What you must do is keep working hard and researching the best ways to write SEO contents and blogs. Keep your research going and find the best internet tools to help you with your content writing. Some of the best tools for SEO content writing are Keyword everywhere or keyword finder for proper keyword research visit for plagiarism and grammar check of your content.

Keep working hard and don’t give up, you will get hold if this.