Google has been evolving everyday and moving ahead very fast and because of that SEO process has been changing on a daily basis. Just like that the SEO trends of past year are now completely obsolete.

There was a time when good usage of keywords and creation of back links was SEO, now keywords and backlinks are just a small part of SEO where new SEO techniques have become more important. So if you are still using outdated SEO strategies in 2019 you may need to look over and research about the new Google updates and what the new SEO trends are. If you don’t keep yourself updated you might hurt your business or your client’s quite a lot.

But before we get to the strategies we must learn why Google is demanding a change in SEO strategy. Why Google wants website owners and SEO experts to shift from traditional website development and optimization to work for user intent.

For that we need to understand the Google algorithm update


Algorithm: Hummingbird and Rank Brain

Google has completely changed its requirement with regards to what it wants from SEO experts and website owners. For that you have to blame hummingbird and Rank Brain, these update has everything to do with Google’s artificial intelligence where they allow Google to understand the need of user. User intent has become the focus for user and any website or search result not fulfilling user intent will automatically be put down on SERPs. So let’s discuss


Have you ever noticed that when you type in a search query Google starts suggesting options to go with your queries? That is hummingbird helping you define you search and narrow it so you can get the most relevant search results which fit your needs. Now with this Google has started to give more importance to long-tailed keywords which help the user rather than single keywords used only for ranking on SERPs.

Rank Brain

Rank Brain is another AI update from Google which keeps a check on CTR of search results. With RankBrain Google checks which result is getting more clicks and the one getting more than the rest is moved above the rest.

But that is not the only thing Rank Brain does. Suppose you visited a result which was ranked first but you didn’t like what you saw and went back instantly and then clicked on the second result, there you liked what you saw and you remained there for some time. Now Rank Brain will note that and from that it will conclude that the second search result is more engaging to the user than the first and so it will move the second result to first and the first to second.

Your bounce rate matters a lot so make sure it does not increase.


Now we move on to strategies which should be applied in 2019

Content which engages the user

SEO in 2019 is all about user intent so everything you must do should be to satisfy the user otherwise nothing will work.

To do that first you need to create a website design which is according to the latest trends. Secondly your website content must be informative where stuffing keywords will only penalize you. Your content should be informative and must answer the problems of users. That is why it is important to add FAQs in your content now.

Also do add info graphics and images, this helps to attract the interest of users and keep them engages, no one likes to read a boring 1000 word content.


Optimize your mobile version

Google is now demanding a website which is not only mobile responsive but is demanding website owners to make their mobile versions the primary version of their website.

More than 70% of the web traffic now is mobile traffic hence Google wants you to provide better experience on mobile for surfers. Mobile-first indexing is changing the landscape of SEO and you better get your research underway.

All you need to do is put the same or equivalent content on mobile version where the user will get the same full experience

Optimize for voice search

One thing which is getting quite common among web surfers is voice search, everyone now uses voice search to get by.

Voice search is going to become very important in the coming months. So add more questions in your content and answer them i.e. FAQs.



These are some of the most important changes in SEO in 2019. While keyword research and back linking still remains important, you just need to tweak your strategies a little bit.

The best way to do that is through constant research and understanding your audience. If you can do that then you can keep up with Google.



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