Not long ago in the past social media was only a platform for people to communicate and socialize with each other. While that remains but things have evolved quite significantly when it comes to social media. Social media no longer remains a place only for commenting and sharing images videos but it has become a marketing hub for all sorts of businesses.

Social media platforms such as Facebook Instagram are earning billions in just ad posts. Every social media platform has transformed itself and provided a stage for businesses all around the world to communicate and engage their target audience about their services and products.

The same is the case for Pakistan as social media marketing in Pakistan has been great fully adopted by businesses all around the country. There are more than a 1000 countries in Pakistan who have some sort of social media presence in Pakistan. From Pakistan alone Facebook earns more than 50 million dollars a year in just ad posts so you can imagine the stronghold of social media for Pakistani businesses

So why is the case for social media marketing in Pakistan?

Easily accessible and familiarity

The reason for the way social media has increased is because social media is maybe the most easily accessible marketing tool for businesses across the country.  Access to any social media platform is just few clicks away and everything is ready made for you to start your ad campaigns. Not just that even the audience can be attracted far more easily than by any other way.

Secondly people are very much familiar with social media unlike other new online marketing tools social media has been there for some time.

Has given boost to number of businesses

Social media marketing has a given success and boost to number of businesses in the country. Firstly there are businesses who use the social media platforms to run their ad campaigns and get online traffic. By just investing in social media businesses in Pakistan have seen their profits sky rockets with most of them earning more than 3 times the investment they made.

Secondly social media marketing itself has become a business not just for freelancers but also for almost every digital agency in Pakistan. There are hundreds of such agencies who are offering professional social media marketing to businesses in Pakistan and also abroad. Every digital agency has a dedicated department who look after their client’s social media campaigns. One example of these agencies are Account4WEB who are offering businesses in Pakistan and abroad great SMM services

Social media has provided jobs opportunity to people who didn’t had any much education but know their way around social media.

Social media has changed how business works in Pakistan

With social media on the scene business in the country has changed completely. Everything has become faster and more accessible. Social media has allowed businesses to keep track of their competitors without being unethical. It has allowed businesses to communicate with their customers with unimaginable ease. This has allowed businesses to understand consumer needs in seconds when there was no way to do that back in the day, this is how businesses can change and evolve their strategies in snap.

Social media has changed how business works in Pakistan and for the better, way better I should add.